Stunt Performer Profile


San Francisco / L.A., CA 94044

Service Number: 415-203-3607

Cell Number: 415-203-3607


  • Reels
  • physical traits
  • measurements
  • actors doubled
  • Gender: Male
    Height: 5’ 8 1/2”
  • weight: 175 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    hair: Black
  • Waist: 36 ”
    Inseam: 30 ”
    Coat/Dress Size: 42R
  • Shirt: 16 X 33/34
    Shoe: 8
  • Glove: med
  • Fred Armisen
  • Ramon Franco
  • Miguel Sandoval
  • Jamie Gomez
Film Credits
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley Stunt Driver - MU Guy Kyle Woods / Eddie Murphy Prods - Netflix
AFI: Armageddon Stunt Rigging Coordinator - Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Wayne Leman / Amazing Facts Intl..
Our Story Untold Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Alia Ripley / Our Story Untold Prods.
Shortcomings Stunt Driving Coordinator - Driver / Oakland Unit Tony Vella/ Randall Park / Topic Studios
Wilder Than Her Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Jessica Kozak / Bombo Sports Ent.
Fremont Process Trailer Driver - Rigger Tony Vella / Babak Jalali / Butimar Prods.
Snag Stunt Coordinator Jeannette Harrison / Alter Theater Film Prods.
The Bell Ringer Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Colton Tran / Hank Film LLC
Dope Queens Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Grafton Doyle / Tomorrowland Prod.
PIck A Side Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Edward Green / Edward Green Films
The Lake Merritt Monster Stunt Coordinator / Aswang Tonuy Vella / Ben MulHolland / Razmatazz Films /
Venom 2 Stunt Hooded Guy 2 James Churchman / Andy Serkis / Marvel Stuidios
The Alternate Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Alrik Bursell / Be Media LLC
“Women is Losers” Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Lissette Feliciano / Look at the Moon
All Day and A Night Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Joe Robert Cole / Big Stunna LLC
The Last Blackman in San Francisco Stunt Coordinator / Rigger Tony Vella / Joe Talbot / TLBMISF LLC
Sorry to Bother You Specialty Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Performer Tony Vella / Boots Riley / Worry Free LLC
Notorious Nick Stunt / Fight Coordinator Tony Vella / Aaron Leong / M
Apparition Stunt Coordinator / Rigger / Stunt Driving Dbl Tony Vella / Waymon Boone / Make The Movie LLC.
Emerald Run Stunts / Kidnapper - Bad Guy Tony Snegoff / Greg Gray /
Good Kidd Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Driver Tony Vella / Jamari Perry / Mutual Aid Media LLC
Personal Space Rigging Assistant Josh Fried / Tom Pike / Wisconation
"Take the 10" aka S.B.Bound Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Chester Tam / Netlfix, Silver Lining Ent.
"Lasso" Stunt Coordinator / Rigger Tony Vella / Evan Cecil / Mad Rodeo Prod. Todd Meyers Prod.
Ring of Truth Fight / Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Shawn Viaggi / Universal Legends
Pushing Dead Stunt Coordinator / Biker Tony Vella / Tom E. Brown / Pushing Dead LLC
Live or Die in La Honda Stunt Coordinator / Thug Tony Vella / Jeff Hammer / Wisconation Prods.
Delirium aka Case #13 Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Johnny Martin / Martini Films
The Chaplain Stunt Coordinator / Flying Rigger Tony Vella / Jeremy Breslau / Alma Road
Cardinal X Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Angie Wang / Fire Horse Prods. LLC
"Kicks" Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Justin Tipping / Pre Prod.
Ant Man Stunt Driving Dbl. Michael Pena Jim Churchman - Jeff and Trevor Habberstad / Peyton Reed / Big Talk Prod.
The Boat Builder Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Arnie Grossman / Pre Prod./ Reunion Pictures
San Andreas Stunt Rigger Keith Campbell / Paul Jennings 2nd Unit Dir. / Warner Bros.
August Falls Stunt Coordinator / Henchman Tony Vella / Sam Hancock / Umbrage Entertainment
Mind City Terror Wire Effects Coordinator Tony Vella / Curtis Jaeger / Cloud Hunter Films
The Diary of a Teenage Girl Water Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Marielle Heller / Caviar Productions
War Path Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Casey DeFremery / Capital F Productions
Country Fixin's Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Short / Adam Gascho / CF Productions
Art School of Horrors Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Thijs Bazelmans/ New Horizons Pictures
Quitters Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Noah Pritzker / Frederick and Ashbury
Neon Sky Fight Consultant Tony Vella / Jennifer Juelich / The Artist Colony
About Cherry Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Stephen Elliot / Enderby Ent.
Knife Fight Stunt Coordinator / Security Guard Tony Vella / Bill Guttentag / Divisadero Pictures
Contagion FBI Agent Rocky Capella / Steven Soderbergh / Warner Bros.
A Stitch in Time Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Jigeesh Magar / PJB Bluecreek Picture
All About Evil Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Joshua Grannell / Backlash Films
La Mission Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Peter Bratt / 5 Stick Films
The Big Top Stunt Coordinator / Rigging Tony Vella / Devon Reed / DR Prod.
Wonderous Woman Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Chris Del Sordo / Blue Door Films
Harrison Montgomery Principal Stunt Dbl Danton Mew / Daniel Davilla / Divisadero Pictures
Zodiac Precision / Stunt Driver Steve Hart / David Fincher / Paramount
\"Rent\" The Motion Picture Riot Cop Rocky Capella / Chris Columbus / Warner Bros.
Cassandra\'s Echo Action Consultant Tony Vella / Mike Black / Black Summers Prod.
Bicentennial Man Cathedral Worker on Scafflods Mike Mitchell / Chris Columbus / Warner Bros.
True Crime Precison Driver Buddy Van Horn / Clint Eastwood / Warner Bros.
Dog Watch Cop / Stunt Driving R.L.Tolbert / John Langley / Nu Image Films
A Smile Like Yours Precision Driver Rocky Capella / Keith Samples / Paramount
Sombody is Waiting Principal Stunt Dbl Chino Binamo / Martin Donovan / Redhead Films
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Snatched / Hulu Bite Size Halloween Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Michael Schwartz / 20th Digit. Studio
Web of Make Believe Stunt Driver - Federal Agent Mark Riccardi / Brian Knappenberger / Netflix
Seal Team Stunt Actor / Guillen Matt Taylor / Ruben Garcia / CBS
In The Land of Make Believe Federal Agent Stunt Driver Mark Riccardi / Netflix
Our Flag Means Death Stunt Double Fred Armisen Steve Brown / HBO Max
Blindspotting TV Series Stunt Safety - Stunt Rigging Nico Woulard / Seith Mann - Rafael Casal
Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Stunt / Stunt Acting Mark Norby / Paco Cabezas / Showtime
Clickbait Stunt and Stunt Driving Coordinator SF Unit Tony Vella / Brad Anderson / Netflix - Master Key
Mayans MC Vato Maldito #1, Stunt Driver, Stunt Acting Norman Howell / Allison Anders / Fox 21
"Armisted Maupins" Tales of the City Stunt Coordinator / Driving Coordinator Tony Vella / Alan Poul / Netflix
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Halcyon Person / TBS
13 Reasons Why Stunt Safety Coordinator Tony Vella / Michael Morris / Netflix
13 Reasons Why “Lucas” Stunt Acting Role / 3 episodes Keith Campbell / Kat Candler / Netflix
Westworld Stunt Villager / Squib Hit Doug Coleman - Brian Machleit / Lisa Joy / HBO
The Last Ship Stunt Double / Geoffrey Rivas Keith Woulard / Peter Weller / TNT
Angie Tribeca Stomach Punch Guy / Utility Stunts Erik Solky / Matt Sohn / Carousel Television
I Almost Accidentally Killed Myself Safety Coordinator Tony Vella / Indigo Films LLC for The Information Discovery Channel
"What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" Specialty Stunt and Safety Rigging Coordinator Tony Vella / Hoff Production for The Science Channel
Bad Judge Stunt Dbl / Miguel Sandoval Brett Jones / NBC Universal Prods.
"The Bridge" Stunt Dbl Ramon Franco Trampas Thompson / FX Network
"The Bridge" Corrupt Policia Trampas Thompson / Guy Ferland / Concord Prod. for FX Network
"Exposed" Pilot Gang Banger Ed Anders / ABC Televison
Gang Related Stunt Dbl / Emiliano Diez Tim Davison / Nelson McCormick / 20th Cent.Fox Televison
Gang Related Meth Lab Guard Tim Davison / Milan Cheylov / 20th Cent.Fox Television
CSI Miami Principal Dbl / Wire Work Mike Gaines / Various / CBS Television
The Divison Street Thug Hugh Aodh O\'Brien / Various / Lifetime Prods.
Soulmates \"Pilot\" Principal Dbl / Motorcyle Precision Driving Tony Vella / Greg Prange / Fox Television
Nash Bridges Principal Dbl - Jamie P.Gomez - Various Bad Guys Merritt Yohnka / Various / CBS Televison
America\'s Most Wanted Officer Espinda - Stunts Rocky Capella / Chris Coppola / STF Fox Prod.
America\'s Most Wanted Stunt Coordinator Fresh Choice Incident Tony Vella / Various / STF Fox Prod.
America\'s Most Wanted Officer Wellhausen - Stunts - Driving Tony Vella / Various / STF Fox Prod.
Sherlock Holmes Returns Precision Driver Frank Orsatti / Various / CBS Television
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Waymo Performance Driver, Arm Car Work Tony Vella / Patrick Curtet / MJ68
GM / OnStar Stunt Coordinator / Safety Rigger Tony Vella / Lisa Gunning / Imperial Woodpecker
2019 Lexus LC 500 Performance Stunt Driver, Boom Arm Work Tony Vella / Andreas Smetana / Harbour Pictures
Make Google Do It! Aerial Rigger and Coordinator Tony Vella / Matt Aselton
Hoka One One / Cloud Runners Wire Flying Coordinator/Rigger Tony Vella / Paul Trillo / Big Block
Virgin Holidays - Live Motorcycle Driver / Camera Vehicle - Harley Tony Vella / Virgin International
2016 Chevy Malibu Principal Precision Driver McCann Erikson
SpeeDee Oil Changes Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Mark Dwyer / Mark Dwyer Productions
Chevy Volt 2016 Precision Driver Tony Vella / Purple Lamb Productions
School's Out! NorCal Honda Dealers Stunt Coordinator / Driver Tony Vella / Brian Bachino / Mark Dwyer Prods.
Ride the Whip - Toyota Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Driver Tony Vella / Rob Bagot / Republic Content
Fight Hunger Bowl 2013 Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / Baker St. Advertising
Dropcam "Party" Wire Rigging Coordinator Tony Vella / Hub Stratigies
Honda End of Summer Sale 2013 Stunt - Precision Driver Tony Vella / Dwyer Productions
Bev Mo\\\' 5 Cent Sale Tackling Man - Stunts Tony Vella
Smart Car Driving Coordinator - Driver Tony Vella
I-Miev All Electric - Running Footage Precision Driver Tony Vella
Toyota Camry - The Best Never Rests Precison Driver Rocky Capella
MBZ Kompressor - Change Lanes Campaign Principal Driver and Driving Coordinator Tony Vella / Merkley,Newman, Harty
Toyota Camry LE - Psychic! Principal Precision, Stunt Driver Tony Vella / Saatchi & Saatchi L.A.
Pontiac Gran Prix POV 2nd Unit Camera Car Tony Vella
Nissan Bluebird Precision Driver Mike Ryan
\"Nike\" Gurilla Tennis Precision, Stunt Driver Rocky Capella / Spike Jonz
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
WWE 2023 Stunt Coordinator Tony Vella / 2K North America
2017 Ebb Aerial Rigger Tony Vella / Jeanette Bent / Stelleria Productions
Mafia 3 Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Wire Rigger Tony Vella / 2K MoCap
Stage Fright - Paramounts Great America Various Characters Stunts 18ft High Falls Mike Martinez / Stephan Schulz / Great America
The Batman Water Thrill Spectacular Two-Face - Fan Boat Operation, Fights Todd Lester / 6 Flags Marine World Vallejo Ca.
Legend of the Mazukan Skull Rhino - Various and Multiple Stunts Todd Lester / 6 Flags Marine World Vallejo Ca.
Special Skills
  • All expecteds to inlcude - Fights, Falls ( Headers, Face Off's, Suicides and Back Falls up to 15ft. ) Experienced at all utility falls and dive rolls, Shoulder flips etc. Stair rolls including backwards. Firearms Handling, Stunt and Precision Driving. Good at Getting Beat up and Thrown Around. Wirework, MiniTramp work. I Own Crash Pads, Fall Pads, Tumblers, Mini Tramps, Harness's and Rigging equipment. Dialects include Latin American, Middle Eastern, East Indian, Russian.
Training / References
Sheriff's Dept. Private EVOC 3-Day Advanced Training and Certification Program for Professionals 2019.
Tactical Black Dry Weapons Training and Holstering. also Laser Tactical Target Training - Kim Laird 2019.
Kendall Wells - Film Fight Workshop - 2019.
Will Leong - Film Fight Workshop 2018 - 2019
M1 Motorcycle License and CMSP Training Certified.
Aerial Rigging #101 - #102 with Brett Copes, 2015, Covering design factors, weight distributions, test loading and equipment.
Stunt Training with the original San Francisco Bay Area Stuntmans Assoc. Traditional Fights, Falls and Utility Stunt Training.