Stunt Performer Profile


Santa Monica, CA 90402

Service Number: 818-774-3889

Cell Number: 310-809-4094


  • Reels
  • physical traits
  • measurements
  • actors doubled
  • Gender: Female
    Height: 4’ 8”
  • weight: 84 lbs
    Eyes: green
    hair: Brown
  • Waist: 24 ”
    Inseam: 26 ”
    Coat/Dress Size: xsmall
  • Shirt: kids 12
  • Glove: small
  • Linda Hunt
  • Dakota Goyo
Film Credits
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Airplane Mode St Dbl Kurt Bryant- June 2-16
The Conjuring 2 St. Dbl. Joel Kramer-2015
The Circle St. Actress (Dialogue) Wade Allen-2015
Independence day 2 St. Performer John Stoneham Jr. may 2015
Sinister 2 reshoots ST. Performer Mark Rayner may 2015
Vacation St. Dbl. Rafting, Passenger Peter King 2014
Texas Rising St. Dbl. Horse work Ben Scott 2014
Christmastime St. Dbl Chris Carnel 2014
Havenhurst St. Dbl. John Moio 2014
6 Miranda Drive Stun Double Nash Edgerton 2014
Havenhurst Stunt Double John Moio 2014
Home Stunt Actor John Dixon 2014
Any Day Stunt Double Matt Anderson 2014
El Chupacabra Lead Prostectic Creature Jeff Scwhan 2014
Deliverance Creek Stunt Double Jeff Scwhan 2014
Cooties Stunt Actor Matt Berberi
Me Him Her Hot Teen Driver Kurt Bryant
Mercy Stunt Double Rob King/2014
Kaylien Lead Stunt Actor/Prostetics Colin Follenweider/ Zoe Solanda
Least Among Saints Stunt Double Norman Howell
Real Steel Lead Stunt Double Garrett Warren
Paranormal Activity 3 Stunt Double Rob King
Bad Teacher Stunt Actor Melosi Leonard
Hesher Lead Stunt Double Nash Edgerton
Little Fockers Stunt Dbl Garrett Warren
Battle of Los Angeles Stunt Double Joey Box
Orphan Lead Stunt Double Alex Daniels
Step Brothers Stunt Actor Gary Davis
PAck of Wolves Double Rex Reddick
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Modern Family St. Dbl. Jimmy Sharp- Sept 2016
Criminal Minds- mult episodes St Dbl. Tom Elliot- Aug 2016
The Colony St Dbl Charlie Brewer- July 2016
Stuck in the Middle St. Dbl. Charlie Parrish- 2016
Henry Danger St. Double Vince Deadrick Jr. Aug-2016
The Kicks St. Double Oliver Keller-2016
OUtcast Stunt Double- 2 episodes Hiro Koda 2015-2016
Kirby Buckets Stunt Actor/Creature Work Billy Wong August 2016
Scorpion-mult. Episodes St. Dbl. Jim Vickers/ Mike Gains
American Horror Story St. Dbl. Jimmy Sharp 2016
Mad Dogs Stunt Double- Driving. Fighting Raul Alcocer
Game Changers-mult episodes St Db. Vince Deadrick, Jr may 2015
Johnny Knoxville Pilot Young Johnny Al Jones april 2015
SuperGirl Pilot young Supergirl John Medlan April 2015
Problem Child Prob Child Dbl. Brian Avery march-April 2015
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, Dawn St Dbl. Karin Silvestri-mult ep. 2015
Outcast St. Dbl Hiro Koda dec 2014
Fresh off the Boat Stunt Actor Jimmy Sharp Dec 2014
NCIS-LA -multiple episodes Hetty Dbl. Troy Brown 2014
Extant St. Dbl. Jim Vickers 2014
Sleepy Hallow St. Dbl John Copeman 2014
Richie Rich St. Dbl. Shawn Crowder 2014
Kirby Buckets St. Dbl. Billy Wong 2014
About a Boy - 3 episodes Stunt Double/ Actress Merritt Yohnka 2014
Trophy Wife Stunt Double Thom Williams 2014
100 things to do before High School Stunt Double Vince Deadrick 2014
Justified Stunt Double Ben Scott 2014
NEckpee Island Stunt Double Gary Wayton 2014
New Girl Stunt Actor Jimmy Sharp 2013
Divide and Conquor Stunt Double Ben Scott 2013
The Millers Stunt Double Al Jones 2013
Sam and Cat Stunt Actor Vince Deadrick Jr. 2013
Criminal Minds Stunt Double Tom Elliot 2013
Revolution Stunt Actor Jeff Wolfe
Do No Harm Stunt Double Justin Riemer 2013
The Neighbors Stunt Double Jon Epstein 2013
The Neighbors Stunt Double Scott Workman 2012
Suburgatory Stunt Double Larry Nicholas/ 2013
quest-Pilot Stunt Double Merrit Yohnka/ 2013
Teen Wolf Stunt Double Bryce Counts/ 2013
NCIS-LA Hetty Double (multiple Troy Brown 2012
House Stunt Double (multiple episodes) Jim Vickers
Shamless Carl Double (multiple episodes) Laura Albertson
Jessie Stunt Actor/Double (Multiple Episodes) Rex Reddick/Ray Siegle/Mike Owen
Ant Farm Stunt Actor Rex Reddck/ Ray Siegle
Good Luck Charlie Double (multiple episodes) Rex Reddick/Ray Siegle
One Tree Hill Double (multiple episodes) Dino Muccio
Isabel Stunt Double Brett Jones
NCIS-LA Hetty Double (multiple Troy Brown
Big Time Rush Double Vince Deadrick Jr.
Gulliver Quinn Double Vince Deadrick Jr
In plain Sight Double Jimmy Romano
Law and Order- LA Double Joel Kramer
CSI- Miami Double Phil Cullota
Chelsea Handler Double (multiple episodes) Rex Reddick/Mike Owen
Zeke and Luther Double (multiple episodes) Gary Wayton
Bucket and Skinner Double Mike Owen
Lie To Me Double Steve Davidson
Sons of Tuscon Stunt Actor Carrick O\'quinn
Everyone Hates Chris Stunt Actor..first stunt! Chris Rock
Ghost Whisperer Double/ Stunt Actor (many episodes) Alex Daniels
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Samsung Stunt Dbl JAson Rodriguez- jan 2015
Subaru St. Dbl. Precision Driver Mark Rayner April 2014
Ford-Brazil Creature/Suit Work Rene Mousseux
Velvetta /Kraft Food-National Stunt Actor Renee Mousseux
Honda Stunt Double Joey Box 2013
Chevy Lead Actress/ Costume Special Effects 2013
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
God Of Wars- Mocap Kid Actor Feb 2016-present
Kirby Buckets Alien Billy Wong-2016
The Circle YoungWomen Wade Allen-2016
Me Him Her Hot Teen Driver Kurt Bryant- 2015
Fresh Off the Boat Cheerleader- Liza Minelli Flashback Jimmy Sharp-2015
New Girl Stunt Stripper Jimmy Sharp-2013
Delirium Teenage Girl John Dixon/Trampas Thompson
Revolution Stunt Actor Jeff Wolfe- 2012
Kaylien Creature/ Prosthetic Actor Zoe Salanda- 2011
Ant Farm Abigail- Stunt Actor Rex Reddick
LA-Haunted Hayride- Live Show Stunt Actor 10/31 Productions
Bev Hills 90210 Sorority Girl CBS Productions
Everyone Hates Chris Mandy (multiple episodes)Season 2 Chris Rock Entertainment
Sympathy for Delicious Teddy Bear girl Maya Entertainment
Claire Babysitter Hallmark Channel
Self Medicated Ward Patient Promise Pictures
Strange Things Happen at Sundown Stoner on Couch..1st acting credit!! Insane-O-Rama-Productions
Meet the Family- Theatre Lacy- Lead Stan Lerner
Special Skills
  • Kid Stunt Double,Actress, Wire Work (has Harness),Bicycle/bmx Crashes, Car hits, ground pounder, Motion Cap, Decender, Horse Saddle Falls, Trampoline, mini-tramp, High Falls 30ft. , Rick Seaman Driving Course, basic fight scenes, Ratchets, Cheer Partner Stunts, Basic Gymnastics, Rappelling, Water Work, Basic Trapeze stunts, Softball, Water Ski, Rollerblade, Light skateboarding, Dancer, Basic Martial Arts, Golfer, mopeds,4 wheelers
Training / References
Academy of Movement Arts- Tim Storm-2013-current (Fight Chorography, Advanced Wire Work, High Falls, Equinox Santa Monica- boxing, yoga,basic Training, Promanade Playhouse-Acting Class- May to Oct 2014, Rick Seaman Driving Course 2010, Trapeze Scool of NY