Stunt Performer Profile

Peipei Yuan

van nuys, CA 91405

Service Number: 3102916109

Cell Number: 3102916109


  • Reels
  • physical traits
  • measurements
  • actors doubled
  • Gender: Female
    Height: 5’ 4”
  • weight: 115 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    hair: Black
  • Waist: 28 ”
    Inseam: 29 ”
    Coat/Dress Size: 3
  • Shirt: 2 (Small-Medium)
    Shoe: 7.5 to 8
    Hat: 6 7/8
  • Glove: small
  • Poppy Liu
  • Karen David
  • Constance Wu
  • Hana Mae Lee
  • Karen David
  • Christine Ko
  • Liza Lapira
  • Jenna Ushkowitz
  • Melissa Tang
  • Alice Lee
  • Michelle Ang
  • Zhang Zi Yi
  • Margaret Cho
  • Melissa O'Neil
Film Credits
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
FREAKY TALES STUNT Performer / Stunt Double RON YUAN
Bullet Train Stunts Greg Rementer
The Babysitter Killer Queen Stunt Double - HANA MAE LEE Tim Trella
YES DAY Stunt Double Shauna Duggins
Dolemite is My Name Stunt Double Billy Washington
Star Trek : The Future Begins Stunt Double Freda Fo-Shen Joey Box
CLOVERFIELD MOVIE (2018) Stunt Double - Zhang Zi Yi Mike Massa
Max Reload and the Nether Blasters Stunt /Fight Coordinator Supervising Coord. Chris Carnel
The Sky is Everywhere Stunt Driver Dan Brown
Highland Stunt Double - Margaret Cho Jeff Cadiente
The Monster Project Shirori Posessed Sean Speedy Christoppher
Officer Downe Zen Student #10 Frank Blake
deTour (TV Movie) Stunt Double Annika Jimmy Sharp
Kicks Stunt Double / Stunt Driver Tony Vella
Step Up 3d Dancer Gwai Crew Dir. Jon M. Chu
Orbital Christmas Stunt Coordinator Director: Mitsuyasu Sakai
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
The Brother's Sun Stunt Double - Jenny Yang Justin Yu
The Flight Attendant Stunt Actor, Stunt Double : Margaret Cho Dan Brown
Star Wars Obi Wan Stunt Performer JOJO Eusebio
Black Mafia Family Stunt Driver / Double : Kelly Hu Freddie Poole
The Wedding Season (Disney) Stunt Double - Poppy Liu Gordon Seed, Nicholas Daines
The Terminal List Stunt Double Driver - Constance Wu Jeff Dashnaw
S.W.A.T. Ep 517 Stunt Actor - NINA Austen Brewer / Lance Gilbert
Stranger Things Stunt Rollerskater Bully Hiro Koda
Fear of the Walking Dead S.4 - s6 Stunt Actor, Stunt Double James Armstrong
The Girl In the Woods Stunt Double - Kylie Liya Page James Lew
Swat Stunt Actor /Stunt Double Austen Brewer
Marvel's Runaways Stunts Matt Mullins
LUCIFER Stunt Performer - Lady Goon Merrit Yonkha / Vlad Rimburg
Dave Stunt Double/ Stunt Driver Tom Elliot
Altered Carbon Fight Trainer for Dichen Lachman Larnell Stovall / 8711
Legion Stunts Mike Gaines
Criminal Minds Stunts Tom Elliot
The Fugitive Stunts Mike Gaines
Made for Love Stunt Performer Matt Mullins
Single Parents Stunt Performer Jimmy Sharp
Henry Danger Stunt Performer Vince Deadrick
Animal Kingdom Stunt Driver Double Charlie Croughwell
Shooter Stunt Performer / Co-Star Tierre Turner
Westworld Stunt Performer Doug Coleman
NCIS - LA Ming Wah (Co-Star / Stunt Performer) Troy Brown
Altered Carbon Fight Trainer - Dichen Larnell Stovall
RipTyde Stunt Performer Phil Culotta
Superstore Stunt Double - Kaliko kauahi Ben Scott
Run For Your Life Co-Star / Stunt Performer Jeff Cadiente
Scorpion Stunt Double - Jadyn Wong Jim Vickers
9-1-1 Stunt Performer Tim Davison
Highland Margaret Cho Double Jeff Cadiente
K.C. Undercover Stunt Double - Jasmyn Jon Epstein, Nick Bensemenn
Game Shakers Stunt Performer Bryan Williams
Snowfall Stunt Performer Larnell Stovall
The Thundermans Stunt Double - Helen Hong Josh Tessier
Fear of the Walking Dead S.2 Stunt Double - Michelle Ang Mark Norby
Rush Hour Stunt performer Jeff Wolfe
GUIDANCE Stunt Double - Diane Doan Dorenda Moore
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Stunt Performer Alex Daniels
Run For Your Life Pre-Vis Editor Jeff Cadiente
BOSCH Stunt Performer / Co-Star Alex Daniels
Rebel Stunt Double - Angela Ko Larnell Stoval
Con Man Stunt Double - Liza Lapira Frank Blake
Cooper Barrett Stunt Double - Liza Lapira Jon Epstein / Jimmy Sharp
NCIS Stunt Performer Diamond Farnsworth
K.C. Undercover Stunt Double - Gale Tim Eulich
The Last Ship Stunt Driver Garrett Warren
DETOUR Stunt Double - Alice Lee Jimmy Sharp
Fresh Off the Boat Stunt Double - Constance Wu Jimmy Sharp
The Bridge (Tv Series) Stunt Performer Trampas Thompson
Scandal Stunt Double Julia Cho Don Ruffin
Workaholics (Comedy Central) Stunts Mike Gaines / Jim Vickers
Trophy Wife Stunt Performer Thom Williams
The Goodwin Games Stunt Double Melissa Tang Carrick O'Quinn
Glee Tina Stunt Double Tim Davison
CSI / NY Stunt Performer Norman Howell
Nip Tuck Stunt Double for Mrs. Park Spike Silver
Numb3rs "Under Currents" Stunt Performer Mike Gaines / Jim Vickers
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Jack in the Box Stunt performer Vlad Tevlovski
Ally Bank National Principal, Stunt Performer Shane Anderson
COMCAST Professional Woman Eddie Braun
Eharmony Principal / Stunt TJ White / Dan Mazjlik
Farmers Insurance "Head Wind" Principal, Stunt Actress Noam Murrow/ Monty Simmons / Eddie Braun
Buick Commercial Driving Double Dir. Jordan Brady, Super Lounge
EBAY \"HAIL MARY\" Principal/Stunts Mike Fisher
\"Hot in Cleveland\" Promo Trailer Stunt Double - Valerie Bertinelli Tony Snegoff
Concerta ADHD "FUMBLE" Principal, Stunts Dir. Randy Hackett
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Call of Duty Mobile Action Actress Derron Ross / Rouge Mocap
Call of Duty Action Actress Mikal Vega / Activision
DJ HERO Action Actress / Mo Cap Performer Noel Vega / Activision
TONY HAWK's SHRED GAME Action Actress / Mo Cap Performer Noel Vega
REBORN GAME Characters Hacker and Mage Tim Neff / Franz Tissler
Las Vegas Martial Arts Super Show Wushu/Sword Demo Noel Vega
Special Skills
  • Film Fighting: Choreography, Wrecks , High Falls, Tricks and Flips, Wire Work Martial Arts: KungFu/Wushu, Weapons (Staff, Sword, Knives), Kick Boxing, Boxing, TKD, Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu (Blue Belt Gracie University) Motor: M1 Motorcycle license , Stunt Driving, Precision Driving , Dirt Biking Water: SCUBA Certified, Strong Swimmer, Falling in to water, Diving in to water, Drowning. (Former Division I NCAA Collegiate Competition Spring Board Diver), Weapons: (Swords, Guns/Tactical/Gun Safety), Swords, Knives, Staff, Other: Roller Skating, Pole Dancing, Singing, Voice Over, Acting, Roller Blading, Horseback Riding, Mountain Bike Riding, Creature Movements, Hip Hop Dancing, Technical: Strong knowledge of Cinematography, Storyboard/Animatics/Pre-Vis, Movement Choreography. Awards: Nomination for Stunt Woman of the Year - Action Icon Awards, BEST DIRECTOR of Action Short : Artemis Film Festival
Training / References
Brazilian Jiujitsu (Gracie Academy Blue Belt)
Past: Competitive Gymnastics USA Gymnastics,
Spring Board Diving Collegiate Division I NCAA Ivy League
Competitive Pro Break Dancing
Martial Arts: Film Fighting/ Fight Choreography,
Kung Fu/ Wushu, Judo, Kick Boxing, TKD, Swords, Guns
Motorcycle Safety Course - West Side Motorcycle
Seat Time - Motion Picture Performance Vehicles Tom Harper