Stunt Performer Profile


Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Service Number: 818-769-1777

Cell Number: 818-571-5321


  • Reels
  • physical traits
  • measurements
  • actors doubled
  • Gender: Male
    Height: 6’ 3”
  • weight: 200 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    hair: Dark Brown
  • Waist: 33 ”
    Inseam: 34 ”
    Coat/Dress Size: 42 L
  • Shirt: 17 1/2 X 35
    Shoe: 11.5
    Hat: 7 3/8
  • Glove: L
  • Josh Duhamel
  • Liev Schriebr
Film Credits
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Ray Donovan (15 eps) stunt dbl/Liev Schriber Shauna Duggins
Widows stunt dbl/Liam Neeson Doug Coleman
300 Rise of an empire Acting/ fights Damon Carro
Blood of Redemption fights Jimmy Lieu
Into the storm driving/ stunt dbl Scott Workman
42 stunt Dbl Alan Graff
Transformers 3 Stunt Dbl /Josh Duhamel Kenny Bates
Vampires Suck Stunt Dbl/ Diedrich Bader Keith Adams
Johna Hex stunt dbl /Jeffrey Dean Morgan Chris O\'hara
The Kane Files Stunt Coordinator Revel Entertainment
Once Fallen acting/stunts Mike Watson
Angels and Demons nd stunts Brad Martin
Friday the 13th stunt dbl/ Jared Padalecki Kurt Bryant
Meet the Spartans stunt dbl/ Diedrich Bader Keith Adams
Miss March Acting/Stunts Mike Owen
Spring Break 83 nd stunts Jeff Galpin
Blank Slate Driving/ Acting Kevin Jackson
Three Bad Men Horses John Dixon
The Pacifier Water Stunts John Epstein/ Bob Brown
Seclusion Acting/Stunts Mark Grove
XXX Acting/Stunts Lance Gilbert
Men Of Action Acting/Stunts Mark Chadwick
Jekyll nd stunts Banzai Vitalie
License to Thrill water stunts Brian Smrz
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Banshee acting/fights Marcus Young/ J Romano
Suburgatory (2 episodes) stunt dbl/Jeremy sisto Larry Nicholas
1600 Penn acting/stunts Jimmy Sharp
Childrens hospital fights Vlad Tevloski
Justified utility stunts Ben Scott
Vegas stunts/acting Curt Bryant
Grimm (8 episodes) stunt dbl/ Sasha Roiz Matt Taylor
Californication Acting/ fights Jim Vickers
Revenge stunt dbl/ Barry Sloane Mike Gaines
Hawaii Five O (6 episodes) Acting/ Stunts Jeff Cadiente
Mad Men Stunt Double (Jon Hamm) Hank Amos
CSI acting /stunts John Epstein
Castle (6 episodes) nd stunts Dennis Madelone
Parks and Rec nd stunts Sean Grahm
Chuck acting/stunts Merrit Yohnka
Southland Stunt Double Cort Hessler
Chestnut Hills Stunt Coordinator D Ruby Productions
Leverage (5 episodes) fights/ driving Kevin Jackson
House Stunt Double/ Sasha Roiz Jim Vickers
CSI NY (3 episodes) Acting/Stunts Norm Howell
Cold Case (3 episodes) Stunt Double Jimmy Romano
CSI Miami water stunts Jim Vickers/ Mike Gaines
24 (15 episodes) Acting/Stunts Jeff Cadiente
Dollhouse Stunt Dbl Mike Gunther
The Cleaner (4 episodes) stunt Dbl/ Benjamin Bratt Ian Quinn
Pushing Daisies stunt dbl/ Lee Pace Keith Campell
Chronicles of Sarah Conner Acting/Stunts Joel Kramer
E Ring (8 episodes) stunt dbl/ Benjamin Bratt Jimmy Romano
My Name is Earl Acting/Stunts Al Jones
Numbers Acting/Stunts Jim Vickers
General Hospital (16 episodes) Acting/ Stunts Tim Davidson
Summerland Water Safety Jeff Cadiente
Invasion nd stunts Greg Smrz
Passions stunt dbl/ James Hyde Harry Wowchuck
VIP nd stunts Jeff Cadiente
Charmed (3 episodes) Stunt dbl/ Victor Webster Noon Orsatti
Young and Restless nd stunts Terry James
Nash Bridges Acting/Stunts Merrit Yohnka
The Practice Nd stunts Ernie Orsatti
Fear Factor water safety Norb Phillips
Martial Law (4 episodes) Fights Jeff Cadiente
Port Charles (9 episodes) Acting/ Stunts Tim Davidson
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Suburu 2014 Percision Driver 2014 (dealer car show)
Chevrolet Stunt Driver Radical Media
GMC percision driver Radical Media
into the storm stunt driver Sony
Goodyear 2013 stunt driver Backyard prod.
Buick 2012 Percision Driver (4 spots) Leo Burnett (Detroit)
2011 Lotus LA Car Show Percision Driver Dir Todd Grossman
Ford F-150 Percision Driver Team Detroit
2010 Suburu Car Show Percision Driver Kevin Jackson
Honda Summer Fun (3 spots) Percision Driver Michael Kartvet
Mercedes Percision Driver Michael Kartvet
Toyota (8 spots) Pecision Driver (for Steve Young) radical media
Honda Watercraft (6 spots) Percision Driver (watercraft,motorcycles) radical media
EA Sports Percision Driver Michael Kartvet
Nissan stunt driver Harvest
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
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