Stunt Performer Profile


Burbank, CA 91502

Service Number: 617-283-0970

Cell Number: 617-283-0970


  • Reels
  • physical traits
  • measurements
  • actors doubled
  • Gender: Male
    Height: 5’ 6”
  • weight: 170 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    hair: Black
  • Waist: 32 ”
    Inseam: 29 ”
    Coat/Dress Size: 40S
  • Shirt: M
    Shoe: 8.5
  • Glove: S/M
  • Xingu Del Rosario
  • Marcus Natividad
  • S.K. Wong
Film Credits
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley Stunt Driver Kyle Woods
Bullet Train ND Stunt Performer Greg Rementer
Birds of Prey ND Stunt Driver Jonathan Eusebio/Jeremy Fry
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Stunt Rider Darrin Prescott/Scott Rogers
Band of Robbers Asst. Stunt Coord./Stunt Driver Robert Dill
Mother/Android Stunt Performer Amy Greene
The Invisible Fight Fight and Wirework Stunts Eddie Tsai and Enar Tarmo
We Are Living Things Stunt Performer Patrick Walsh Jr.
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
The Brothers Sun Ep#1.7 Stunt Performer Justin Yu/Eric Brown
Leverage: Redemption Ep#2.8 Stunt Double: Xingu Del Rosario Lex Damis
Conan Ep#10.17 Stunt Actor as Kim Jong-un Josh Wood
NCIS: Los Angeles Ep#11.7 Stunt Performer Troy Brown
NCIS: Los Angeles Ep#11.4 Stunt Performer Troy Brown
Fresh Off the Boat Ep#5.21 Stunt Performer Jimmy Sharp
Shooter Ep#3.6 Stunt Performer Tierre Turner
NCIS: Los Angeles Ep#9.15 Stunt Performer Troy Brown
The Last Ship Ep#5.10 Stunt Performer Keith Woulard
NCIS: Los Angeles Ep#9.4 Stunt Double: Xingu Del Rosario Troy Brown
Blue Bloods Ep#13.8 Stunt Performer Roy Farfel
Luke Cage Ep#2.11 Stunt Performer Matt Mullins
Gotham Ep#4.1 Stunt Performer Norm Douglass
NCIS: Los Angeles Ep#8.22 Motorcycle Stunt Double: Marcus Natividad Troy Brown
The Defenders Ep#1.3 Stunt Performer Matt Mullins
Feed The Beast Ep#1.6 Motorcycle/Stunt Performer Peter Bucossi
The Last Ship Ep#3.1 Stunt Performer Keith Woulard
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
River Race Saldivar Camera Car Driver Ari Loeb
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Samuraido Live Show Stunt Performer/Stunt Rigger Akihiro Haga
Underwater Op Workshop Safety Diver Mike Brandow
Special Skills
  • Ground Destroyer, Fighter, Traceur, Acrobat, Motorcyclist, Unicyclist, Rigger (Lvl 1&2 Stunt Rigging AP8, Lvl 1 IRATA/SPRAT), PADI Divemaster Certified, PFI Freediver Certified, IYT ICC 10m Powerboat/RIB Certified, EMT-B Certified (800 hours of in-field experience) Former Division I Football Player, Professional Cinematographer/Camera Operator (Associate Member of the SOC as Marshall Victory), Professional Editor, Trained Actor, Comfortable with dialogue in Mandarin and Spanish. Learning Portuguese.
Training / References
*Acting (Gregory Berger-Sobeck at Berg Studios, Dustin Hoffman at Master Class)
*Fight Choreography (Mark Musashi, Mike Chat at XMA, Greg Poljacik)
*Fight Seminars (James Lew, Sam Hargrave, Larnell Stovall, Will Leong)
*Cinematography (Steve Milligan,