Stunt Performer Profile


Atlanta, GA 30215

Service Number: 321-662-3326

Cell Number: 321-662-3326


  • Reels
  • physical traits
  • measurements
  • actors doubled
  • Gender: Male
    Height: 6’ 0”
  • weight: 170 lbs
    Eyes: Hazel
    hair: Brown
  • Waist: 32 ”
    Inseam: 33 ”
    Coat/Dress Size: 40 R
  • Shirt: 16 1/2 X 34
    Shoe: 10.5
  • Glove: 8
  • Jeffrey Donovan
  • Johnny Knoxville
  • Sean Teale
Film Credits
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Ford vs Ferrari ND Stunts Robert Neagle
Den of Thieves ND Stunts Joey Box
The Darkest Mind ND Stunt Andy Gill
Blockers Additional Coordinator Steve Ritzi
Starbright ND Stunts Bill Scharpf
Transformers 5 ND Stunts Mike Gunther
Summer of George ND Stunts Brycen Counts
Baywatch ND Stunts JJ Dashnaw
Ride Along II ND Stunts Andy Gill
Alvin and the Chipmunks ND Stunts Jack Gill
Free State of Jones ND Stunts Garrett Warren
Arms and Dudes ND Stunts Gary Hymes
Bastards Dbl Ed Helms Alan D' Antoni
Transformers 4 ND Stunts Mike Gunther
The Final Girls ND Stunts Bill Scharpf
Hunger Games Mocking Jay ND Stunts Sam Hargrave
Ten ND Stunts Mike Gunther
Pain and Gain ND Stunts Troy Robinson
G I JOE 2 ND Stunts Steve Ritzi
Set up ND Stunts Kyle Woods
Fast Furious Five ND Stunts Mike Gunther
Little Murder Dbl Josh Lucas Dan Lemieux
Midnight Bayou Dbl Jerry O\'Connell Jeff Galpin
My Own Love Song Water Safety Jeff Galpin
The Librarian 3 ND Stunts Charlie Brewer
Final Destination 4 ND Stunts Jeff Dashnaw
Cirque Du Freak ND Stunts Jack Gill
Pool Boys Doubled Matthew Lillard Jeff Galpin
Indiana Jones The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ND Stunts Gary Powell
Sirens of Eleuthera Stunt Double Billy Bates
National Treasure II ND Stunts George M Ruge
Pride ND Stunts Jeff Galpin
Pirates of the Caribbean III "At Worlds End ND Stunts George M Ruge
Pirates of the Caribbean II "Dead Mans Chest" ND Stunts George M Ruge
The Dukes of Hazzard Doubled Johnny Knoxville Darrin Prescott
Transporter II Doubled Alessandro Gassman Artie Malesci
Pirates of the Caribbean "Curse of the Black Pearl ND Stunts George M Ruge
Bad Boys II ND Stunts Andy Gill/ Steve Picerni
Con-Air ND driving Kenny Bates
Vampirella ND Stunts Bret Davidson
Mars Attacks ND Stunts Joe Dunne
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Black Lightning ND Stunts John Medlen
The Gifted Stunt Double Eclipse Russell Towery
True Detective (Two Episodes) ND Stunts / Stunt Double Brian Duffy
Ozark season 2 ND Stunts Matt Taylor
Halt and Catch Fire Additional Coordinator Stalwart Films
Black Lightning ND Stunts Thomas DuPont
Turn ND Stunts Buddy Joe Hooker
24 Legacy ND Stunts Eric Norris
Hap and Leonard ND Stunts Laurence Chavez
The Walking Dead ND Stunts Monty Simons
MacGuyver ND Stunts Jeff Wolfe
Halt and Catch Fire ND Stunts Laurence Chavez
The Outsiders ND Stunts Danny LeBoyer
Underground ND Stunts Bill Scharpf
Ballers II Stunt Coordinator Dean Grimes
If Loving you Is Wrong ND Stunts Yon Dron
Star crossed ND Stunts Jeff Galpin
Banshee ND Stunts Marcus Young
Reckless ND Stunts / Safety Cal Johnson
Ballers Stunt Coordinator Dean Grimes
Graceland ND Driving Chic Bernhard
Banshee Dbl Tyler Sullivan Marcus Young
Crossbones ND Stunts / Asst Fight Coor Keith Cambell
Homeland ND Stunts Cal Johnson
The Walking Dead ND Stunts Russell Towery
Army Wives Season 7 ND Stunts Cal Johnson
Revolution (multiple) Fireman / ND stunts Jeff Wolfe
Burn Notice Season 6 Dbl Jeffey Donovan, Asst Stunt Coor Artie Malesci
Teen Wolf ND Stunts Gary Sterns
Wild Cards ( pilot ) Stunt Dbl Jeff Galpin
Burn Notice Season 5 Dbl Jeffrey Donovan, Asst Stunt Coor Artie Malesci
Magic City Asst Stunt Coordinator Artie Malesci
Army Wives Stunt Dbl Cal Johnson
The Glades (multiple) Stunt Coordinator TVM Productions
Burn Notice season 4 Jeffrey Dbl, Asst Stunt Coordinator Cort Hessler
Burn Notice Season 3 Jeffrey Dbl, Asst Stunt Coordinator Artie Malesci
Burn Notice Season 2 Jeffery Donovan Stunt Dbl Artie Malesci
Sunday Sunday Sunday ND Stunts Jeff Galpin
Burn Notice Double Jeffery Donovan Artie Malesci
NIkki and Nora ND stunts Jeff Galpin
Buffy the Vampires Slayer ND stunts John Medlen
Alias (multiple) ND stunts Jeff Habarstad-Merritt Yonka-David Morizot
Sheena Stunt Dbl Jeff Pruitt
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Coors Light Zip Line Guy Don Abbatiello
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
US High Diving Team all roles Bridgewater Performace
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Disney\'s Hollywood Studios
Sinbad decay demon Universal Studios, FL
Special Skills
  • All stunt abilities
Training / References
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