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Atlanta, GA 30309

Service Number: 334-324-5728

Cell Number: 334-324-5728


  • Reels
  • physical traits
  • measurements
  • actors doubled
  • Gender: Female
    Height: 5’ 4”
  • weight: 125 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    hair: Blonde
  • Waist: 27 ”
    Inseam: 30 ”
    Coat/Dress Size: 4
  • Shirt: s/m
    Shoe: 7.5
  • Amy Schumer
  • Jillian Bell
  • Kate McKinnon
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Debby Ryan
  • Natalie Alyn Lind
  • Gina Carano
  • Annie Mumolo
  • Margo Martindale
Film Credits
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Isn't It Romantic Stunt Double: Rebel Wilson Tony Vincent
Thor: Ragnarok Stunt Performer Sam Hargrave/Monique Ganderton
Avengers: Infinity Wars Stunt Performer/Motion Capture Sam Hargrave/Monique Ganderton
FAM-I-LY Stunt Double: Kate McKinnon Danny Maze
Den Of Thieves Stunt Performer Joey Box
Pitch Perfect 3 Stunt Double: Rebel Wilson Jennifer Badger
Black Panther Wirework Testing (ratchets) Andy Gill/David Hugghins
Office Uprising Stunt Double: Chesta Drake Walter Garcia/Director Lin Oeding
Spider-Man: Homecoming Stunt Performer George Cottle/Brycen Counts
Life of the Party Stunt Performer Walter Garcia
Snatched Stunt Double: Amy Schumer Brian Machleit
The Boss (reshoots) Stunt Double: Annie Mumolo Walter Garcia
Mother's Day Stunt Double: Margo Martindale Mike Endoso
Ghostbusters Stunt Double: Kate McKinnon Walter Garcia
Camera Store Stunt Double: Maddie McCormick Kevin Beard
Cold Moon Stunt Actor Director Griff Furst
Navy Seals Vs Zombies Stunt Performer Stanton Barrett
Extraction Stunt Double: Gina Carano James Lew/Simon Rhee
Invisible Sister Stunt Performer Rudy Weber
Navy Seals Vs Zombies Stunt Performer Stanton Barrett
Indescretion Stunt Double: Mira Sorvino Nathan Siebring
Jurassic World Stunt Performer Chris O'Hara
Campin Buddies Stunt Double: Victoria Jackson Kevin Waterman
Goosebumps Stunt Double: Jillian Bell Stephen Pope
The Final Girls Stunt Double: Angela Trimbur Bill Scharpf
Fast and Furious 7 Stunt Performer Joel Kramer
22 Jump Street Stunt Double: Jillian Bell George Aguilar/Stephen Pope/Richard Burden
Black and White Stunt Double: Jennifer Ehle Lex Geddings
The Maze Runner Stunt Performer Troy Robinson
American Heist Stunt Performer Gregg Brazzel
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Stunt Performer Charles Croughwell
Grudge Match Stunt Performer Kevin Scott/Monty Simons
All Cheerleaders Die Stunt Double Michael Long
The Butler Stunt Actor Jeff Galpin
Oblivion Stunt Performer Rob Alonzo/Joey Box
Bayou Tales Stunt Double Christian Stokes
Scary Movie 5 Stunt Performer Monty Cox/Steve Ritzi
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Tyler Perry's: The Have and Have Nots Stunt Double: Renee Lawless Yan Dron
Claws Stunt Performer Felipe Savahge
"Gifted" Pilot Stunt Double: Natalie Alyn Lind Jim Henry
Untitled Reba McEntire Southern Drama Pilot Stunts Andy Martin
The Vampire Diaries Stunts Paul Burke
Star Stunts Vic Quintero
Salem Stunt Double: Azure Parsons Jim Henry
Still The King Stunt Performer Rocky Abou-Sakher
The Walking Dead: Season 6 Stunt Double: Jill Jane Clements; Stunt Performer Monty Simons
Grimm Stunt Double: Jeanne Rogers Matt Taylor
NCIS: New Orleans Stunt Performer Jonathan Arthur
The Walking Dead: Season 5 Stunt Performer Monty Simons
Castle Stunt Actress (Ella Hayes) Gregory Barnett
American Horror Story Stunt Double: Lyndsay Kimbell Jim Henry
Sleepy Hollow Stunt Double: Debra Monk Shauna Duggins
Treme Stunt Performer Gary Baxley
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
No records found.
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Avengers: Infinity War MOCAP Sam Hargrave/Monique Ganderton
Special Skills
  • All Around competitive gymnast Level 10 (Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor), 2009 All Around Region 8 Champion, Advanced Tumbling, VATA Tactical Firearm Handling Training, Parkour, Mini Tramp, Flyboarding, Basic Skateboarding, Trampoline, Krav Maga, Basic stunt fighting, Cheerleading, Boxing, High Falls, Volleyball, Co-ed Flag Football, Gymnastics Beam and Floor/Dance choreographer, All Around Athlete
Training / References
Rick Seaman's Super Level 1 Driving course completed
Fight Classes with: Danny Epper, Jimmy Fierro/Eddie Fernandez, Garrett Warren, Larnell Stovall, Danny Le Boyer, Travis Wong
Fire Burn: Eddie Fernandez
Reference: Gregory Barnett