Stunt Performer Profile


Snellville, GA 30078

Service Number: 910-617-0453

Cell Number: 910-617-0453


  • Reels
  • physical traits
  • measurements
  • actors doubled
  • Gender: Male
    Height: 6’ 0”
  • weight: 160 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    hair: Dark Brown
  • Waist: 31 ”
    Inseam: 32 ”
    Coat/Dress Size: 39R
  • Shirt: M
    Shoe: 10
    Hat: 7 1/8
  • Glove: M-L
  • Tom Mison
  • Jay Baruchel
Film Credits
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Freaky Friday 13th Stunt Rigging Mark Rayner
Suicide Squad 2 Utility Stunts Guy Norris
The Conjuring 3 Stunt Dbl. Ruairi O'Connor Glenn Foster
Ballad Of Richard Jewell Utility Stunts Thom Williams
Outbreak Z Utility Stunts James Hutchison
Jungle Cruise Utility Stunts Thomas Harper
Stuber Precision Driving Steve Ritzi
First Man Stunt Rigging / Stunt Dbl. Multiple Actors Jim Churchman
The House With A Clock In It's Walls Stunt Rigging Lance Gilbert
Party Boat Covering Coordinator Bob Fisher
Pitch Perfect 3 Stunt Rigging Jennifer Badger
In Dubious Battle Stunt Dbl. Nat Wolff / Utility Stunts Jennifer Badger
The Choice Co-Coordinator John Copeman
An Evergreen Christmas Stunt Dbl. Jake Sandvig Nils Stewart
Scary Movie 5 Stunt Dbl. Simon Rex Monty Cox / Steve Ritzi
Iron Man 3 Stunt Rigging / Utility Stunts Jeff Habberstad
Safe Haven Stunt Dbl. David Lyons John Copeman
Stuck In Love Co-Coordinator Dino Muccio
The Conjuring Stunt Dbl. Ron Livingston Joel Kramer
Hornet\'s Nest Utility Stunts Dino Muccio
To Have And To Hold Utility Stunts Thom Williams
The Hunger Games Utility Stunts Chad Stahelski / Allen Poppleton
Piranha 3DD Utility Stunts / Co-Coordinator John Copeman
Footloose Stunt Dbl. Miles Teller Lonnie Smith
Hick Stunt Dbl. Eddie Redmayne / Co-Coordinator Dino Muccio
Superhero (Indie) Utility Stunts Dino Muccio
The Last Song Stunt Dbl. Nick Lashaway Cal Johnson
Bloodworth Stunt Dbl. Dwight Yoakum / Co-Coordinator John Copeman
The Crazies Stunt Dbl. Joe Anderson E.J. Foerster
Road Trip: Beer Pong Stunt Dbl. Danny Pudi Lonnie Smith
Mississippi Damned Stunts / Co-Coordinator John Copeman
Happy Tears Stunt Rigging Pete Bucossi
6 Souls Stunt Dbl. Nate Corddry Roy Farfel
The Bleeding Utility Stunts Steve Picerni
She\'s Out Of My League Stunt Dbl. Jay Baruchel John Copeman
The Maiden Heist Utility Stunts Branko Racki
Tropic Thunder Stunt Dbl. Jay Baruchel / Utility Stunts Brad Martin
Nights In Rodanthe Co-Coordinator John Copeman
College Utility Stunts Jeff Galpin
Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever Stunt Dbl. Thomas Blake / Co-Coordinator John Copeman
Sydney White: And The Seven Dorks Utility Stunts Jennifer Badger
Who\ Stunt Dbl. Cam Gigandet / Stunt Rigging Chris Howell
Asylum Utility Stunts / Stunt Rigging Annie Ellis
Wreckage Stunt Rigging John Copeman
Hounddog Stunt Rigging / Water Safety John Copeman
Pride Utility Stunts Jeff Galpin
Two Tickets To Paradise Stunt Dbl. Paul Hipp Dino Muccio
A Walk To Remember Utility Stunts John Copeman
The Dress Code Utility Stunts John Copeman
Ambushed Stunt Dbl. Jeremy Lelliot Eric Rondell
Lawn Dogs Stunt Dbl. Mischa Barton John Copeman
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
Outer Banks Stunt Dbl. Chase Stokes Toby Holguin
Castle Rock (Season 2) Utility Stunts Matt Taylor
Monument Utility Stunts Chad Hessler
Heart Of Life Stunt Driving John Copeman
Doom Patrol Stunt Dbl. Matthew Zuk / Stunt Rigging Thom Williams
Legacies (Season 1) Stunt Rigging David Morizot
Black Lightning (Season 2) Stunt Rigging John Medlen
Queen Of The South (Season 3) Stunt Rigging / Utility Stunts Freddy Poole
The Haunting Of Hill House Stunt Rigging Chuck Borden
The Passage Stunt Driving / Fight Coordinator John Copeman
Atlanta (Season 2) Stunt Rigging Bob Fisher
The Resident (3 Seasons) Covering Coordinator / Stunt Rigging John Copeman
Dynasty (3 Seasons) Covering Coordinator / Stunt Dbl Paul Burke
Kevin (Probably) Saves The World Stunt Rigging / Utility Stunts Jennifer Badger
Gone Utility Stunts Chad Hessler
Star (Season 2) Covering Coordinator / Utility Stunts John Copeman
Stan Against Evil (Season 2) Stunt Dbl. Nate Mooney Bob Fisher
Stranger Things (Season 2) Stunt Driver Lonnie Smith
Sleepy Hollow (4 Seasons) Stunt Dbl. Tom Mison / Utility Stunts Phil Neilson, Shauna Duggins, John Copeman
The Vampire Diaries (7 Seasons) Stunt Dbl. (Multiple Actors) / Utility Stunts John Copeman, John Medlen, Paul Burke
The Originals (3 Seasons) Stunt Dbl. (Multiple Actors) / Utility Stunts John Copeman, Jennifer Badger, David Morizot
Mercy Street (Season 2) Stunt Dbl. Chad Hessler
Death Of Eva Sofia Valdez Utility Stunts John Copeman
Vice Principals (2 Seasons) Stunt Driving / Stunt Rigging John Copeman, Dino Muccio
The Walking Dead (Season 2) Utility Stunts / Stunt Dbl. Ross Marquand Lonnie Smith, Monty Simons
Game Of Silence Utility Stunts Mike Trisler
Vacation Land Utility Stunts Dino Muccio
Turn (Season 2) Utility Stunts Buddy Joe Hooker
Banshee (3 Seasons) Stunt Dbl. (Multiple Actors) Jim Vickers, Jimmy Romano, Marcus Young
Secrets And Lies Utility Stunts Dino Muccio
Halt And Catch Fire (Season 1) Fire Safety Jennifer Badger
Red Zone Utility Stunts John Copeman
Eastbound and Down (4 Seasons) Stunt Dbl. (Multiple Actors) / Stunt Coordinator John Copeman, Dino Muccio
Under The Dome (Season 1) Stunt Dbl. (Multiple Actors) / Utility Stunts John Copeman
Revolution (Season 1) Utility Stunts Jeff Wolfe
One Tree Hill (9 Seasons) Stunt Dbl. (Multiple Actors) / Utility Stunts John Copeman, Dino Muccio
Hart Of Dixie Stunt Dbl. Scott Porter / Co-Coordinator Dino Muccio
Playing With Guns Stunt Dbl. Danny Masterson / Utility Stunts John Copeman
Gimme Shelter Utility Stunts / Co-Coordinator John Copeman
Solving Charlie Stunt Rigging / Utility Stunts John Copeman
John Adams (Mini Series) Utility Stunts Branko Racki
Surface (Season 1) Stunt Dbl. (Multiple Actors) / Utility Stunts John Copeman
The Sopranos (Season 5) Stunt Rigging Pete Bucossi
Dawson\'s Creek (Season 5 & 6) Utility Stunts John Copeman
To Dance With Olivia Stunt Dbl. Frankie Muniz John Copeman
A Step Toward Tomorrow Stunt Dbl. Tim Redwine / Kendall Cunningham Greg Smrz
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
K*Swiss: The MFCEO Stunt Coordinator Jody Hill
Gillette: Young Guns Stunt Dbl. Kyle Busch / Denny Hamlin John Copeman
Nutfarm: Webisode Utility Stunts John Copeman
Title Role Coordinator/director/prod. co.
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Special Skills
  • Fire Burns/Prep, Wire Work/Ratchets, Air Rams, Rigging, Stair Falls, Fights, Squibs, Car Work, Dirt Bikes/4 Wheelers, High Falls (50' to date), High Dives (30' to date), Mini Tramp/Trampoline, Basic Gymnastics, Basic Martial Arts, Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling, Basic Sword/Kali, Gun Work, Water Work, PADI Scuba Cert, Surfing, Skiing (Snow & Water), Most Sports, Very Athletic, Well Rounded
Training / References
John Copeman (Stunt Coordinator), Dino Muccio (Stunt Coordinator), Branko Racki (Stunt Coordinator), Jennifer Badger (Stunt Coordinator), Greg Prange (Producer/Director), David Hartley (Producer), Mark Schwann (Creator/Writer/Director), Rudy Persico (1st