Stunt Performer Profile: THEO   KYPRI
THEO   KYPRI _ ,  CA   90001
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Physical Traits

  • Gender
  • Height
    5' 9"
  • Weight
    165 lbs.
  • Eyes
  • Hair

Actor Double

  • Stanley Tucci, Sir Ben Kingsley  
  • Carlo Rota, Johnny Depp, Alan Arkin,


  • Waist
    34 "
  • Inseam
    31 "
  • Coat/Dress Size
  • Shirt
    16 1/2
  • Shoe
  • Hat
    7 1/4
  • Glove


American Sniper Stunts Jeff Habberstad/Trevor Habberstad
Scorpion Stunts Mike Gunther/Kyle Woods
Purge Anarchy Stunts Mike Gunther
Selfless Stunt Dbl: Sir Ben Kingsley Steve Ritzi
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Stunt Dbl: Stanley Tucci Mike Gunther
Cyber Stunts/Driver Doug Coleman
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Stunts Tommy R. Harper/Casey Oneil
Stand Up Guys Stunt Double Wade Allen
Kavinsky Video Principal Chase Driver Steve Griffin
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Stunt Vamp Mic Rogers/Don Lee
Abduction Stunt Dbl: Nickoli Shreli Brad Martin
Stand Up Guys Stunts Wade Allen
Inception Stunt Driver/Stunts Tom Struthers
The Rum Diary Stunt Dbl: Johnny Depp George Aguilar
Alice in Wonderland Stunt Dbl: Johnny Depp - Hatter Garrett Warren
The Tourist Stunt Dbl: Johnny Depp Simon Crane/Wade Eastwood
Public Enemies Stunt Dbl: Johnny Depp Darrin Prescott
X Men: First Class Stunts Jeff Habberstad
Priest Stunts Lance Gilbert
Setup The Courier Kyle Woods
Spy Game Stunts Steve Dent
Iron Man Stunts Tommy R. Harper
Larry Crowne Stunts Joey Box
Transformer 3 Stunts Kenny Bates
Hancock Stunts Simon Crane/Wade Eastwood
Charlie Wilsons War Stunts Rick Avery
A Christmas Carol Stunt Dbl: Gary Oldman Garrett Warren
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Stunt Dbl: John Hannah Vic Armstrong
The Green Hornet Stunts Andy Armstrong
Meet The Spartans Stunts Keith Adams
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Stunts Gary Paul
Untitled Onion Movie Stunts Keith Adams
Pit Fighter Stunts Garrett Warren
Ben 10: Race Against Time Stunt Double Al Goto
Garfield Stunts John Moio
Avatar Stunts Garrett Warren
Master and Commander:TFSOTW Stunts Doug Coleman
War of the Worlds Stunts Vic Armstrong/Joey Box
The Legend of Zorro Stunt Double: Antonio Banderas Gary Powell
I Know Who Killed Me Playing: 'The Blue Man' - Stunts Keith Campbell
Terminator 3 Stunts/Stunt Driver Simon Crane
Hidalgo Stunt Double: Omar Sharif Pat Romano
Entrapment Stunts Vic Armstrong
Posiedon Stunts Doug Coleman
The Onion Movie Stunts Hiro Koda
Next stunts Eddie Yansick/RA Rondell
The Kingdom Stunts Phil Nielson/Keith Woulard
Species III Stunt Double Robert Knepper Jim Vickers
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest Stunt double: Johnny Depp George Marshall Ruge
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Stunt double: Johnny Depp George Marshall Ruge
Pirates of the Caribbean:Curse of the Black Pearl Stunts George Marshall Ruge
Star Trek: Nemesis Stunts Doug Coleman
Project Nexus Stunts Jeff Pruit
Alexander Stunts Gary Powell
Anger Management Stunts Doug Coleman
The Mummy Returns Stunts Steve Dent/Gary Powell
Tomb Raider Stunts Simon Crane
Get Smart Stunt Dbl: Alan Arkin Doug Coleman
102 Dalamtions Stunts Paul Jennings
Meet the Spartans Stunts/Ghost Rider Keith Adams
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Stunts Kenny Bates
Extreme Ops Stunts Tom Delmar
Johnny English Stunts Paul Jennings
Below Stunts Paul Jennings
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Stunts Gary Paul
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation Stunt Doubled: Keith Cook/Robin Shou/JJ Perry (UK) Eddie Stacey
The Phantom of the Opera Stunts Greg Powell
Highlander: Endgame Stunt Doubled:Bruce Payne (UK Shoot) Jason White
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Played Voldemort: Dead Unicorn Sequence Greg Powell
Charlotte Gray Stunts Nick Powell
Shooting Fish Stunt Doubled: Stewart Thownsend Clive Curtis
Deadly Impact Stunt Dbl: Joey Pants Al Goto
A Christmas Carol Stunts Garrett Warren
Tomorrow Never Dies MiG Pilot Opening Sequence - Stunts Vic Armstrong
Larry Crowne Stunts Joey Box
1%ers (Short) Stunt Coordinator Dir: Francesca De Sola
Truck Stop Stunt Coordinator Dir: Tony Aloupis
April Apocolypse Stunt Coordinator / Fight Coordinator Dir: Jarrett Tarnol
No Rest for the Wicked (Short) Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer Dir: Ryan Shifrin
In Security Stunt Coordinator Dir: Adam & Evan Beamer
El Padrino Assistant Stunt Coordinator Dir: Damian Chapa
Dungeons and Dragons Assistant Stunt Coordinator- Stunt Double Lead Dir: Courtney Soloman


Its Always Sunny in Philly Stunts Mark Scizak
Californication Stunt Double Jim Vickers
Sons of Anachy Stunt Double Eric Norris
Revolution Stunts Jeff Wolfe
Southland Stunts Peewee Piemont
Prime Suspect Stunts Justin Riemer
The Cape Stunts Chris O'Hara
Grimm Stunts Matt Taylor
NTSF:SD:SUV Stuns Vladimir Tevloski
90210 Stunts Greg Barnett
Death Valley Stunts Phil Tan
NCIS Stunts Troy Brown
Breaking Bad Stunt Double Al Goto
The Closer Stunts Spike Silver
Dollhouse Stunts Mike Massa
Leverage Stunts Pat Banta
24 (Mult Ep's) Stunts Greg Barnett/Matt Taylor/Jeff Cadiente
Chuck Stunts Merritt Yohnka
The Unit Stunts Merritt Yohnka
Womens Murder Club Stunt Double Carrick O'Quinn
Band of Brothers Stunts/8 Ep's Core Stunt Team Greg Powell
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Stunts John Medllen
Alias (Multi Ep's) Stunts Jeff Habberstad/John Medlen/Shauna Duggins
The Shield Stunts Merritt Yohnka
E Ring Played: Tariq Mahayni Jimmy Romano
Stealing Heather (Music Video) 'Can't See you' Stunt Coordinator Charles Papert


Dos Equis Sword Fighter
Hyundai Jeep Stunt Driver
Jiffy Lube Roller Derby
GMC (Dot Matrix) Competitive Fencer
Nike (Lance Armstrong Ad) Bicyclist (stunts)
Toyota Man out of Window
Premier League Soccer Man Heading Ball at end



Special skills

Stunt Driving,
Sword Fighting,
Fencing (Foil, Sabre, Broadsword)
Wing chun,
Air rams,
All falls,
Wire Work
Fire Burns,

Experienced All around Stunt Performer.

Equipment: 16x8 Enclosed Trailer, Trampette, Porta Pit, Tumbling mats, Landing mats, Rigging kit, Harnesses, Wetsuits,
4 x Gymnastic Rolls (42x6), Assorted mats, Fire Suit, Fire Goggles, Nomex hoods/underwear, 6x12 trampoline.

Training / references

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