Stunt Performer Profile: STEVE   RIZZO
STEVE   RIZZO Stevenson Ranch ,  CA   91381
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Physical Traits

  • Gender
  • Height
    5' 11"
  • Weight
    170 lbs.
  • Eyes
  • Hair

Actor Double

  • Jason O\'Mara, Rhys Darby  
  • Jon Skarloff, Todd Giebenhain


  • Waist
    32 "
  • Inseam
    32 "
  • Coat/Dress Size
  • Shirt
    16.5 x 35
  • Shoe
  • Hat
  • Glove


Relentless Stunt Coordinator John Milton Branton, Dir.
Sinkhole Principal, CHET, Stunt Coordinator Scott Wheeler, Dir.
Come Back to Me Meth Addicit Step-Father Carl Ciarfalio, Paul Leyden, Dir.
Eden Project Green Screen Wire Rigger Chris LeDoux, Dir.
Paranormal Activity 4 Promo St. Dbl., Matthew Jaeger Eddie Perez
The Pretty One St. Dbl., Ron Livingston Danny Boyer
Dark Power Stunt Coordinator/2nd Unit Director John Milton Branton, Dir.
The Dark Knight Rises Stunt Actor Tom Struthers
The Recruiter Stunt Coordinator Gil Marsden, Dir.
Deanline Stunt Coordinator Chris Tasara, Dir.
My Mother's Curse St. Dbl., Seth Rogen Darrin Prescott
The Wicked With In Utility Stunt, St. Dbl. Mike Kartvedt
Immoral Prodigy Stunt Coordinator/2nd Unit Director Jeremiah Sayys, Dir.
Volcano Girl Stunt Coordinator Ashley Maria, Dir.
Chromeskull:Laid to Rest 2 Stunt Coordinator, St. Dbl., Brian Austin Green Rob Hall, Dir.
Most Wanted Stunt Coordinator Dallas King, Dir.
The Kids Don\'t Like It Stunt Coordinator Jeremy White, Dir.
Greener Stunt Coordinator Kyle Lau, Dir.
Little Solider Stunt Coordinator Dallas King, Dir.
One For The Money St., Dbl., Jason O'Mara Jeff Gibson
The Last God Father St. Dbl., Paul Hipp Bobby C. King
The Green Hornet Taxi Cab Driver Michel Gondry
The Green Hornet St. Dbl., Seth Rogen Vic/Andy Armstrong
Coming and Going St. Dbl. Rhys Darby Lou Simon
Funny People St. Dbl. Seth Rogen Gary Hymes
Observe and Report St. Dbl. Seth Rogen Gary Hymes
American Carol Stunt Actor Monty Cox
Montana Amazon Utility Stunt, Stunt Actor Sandy Gimpel
Rest Stop 2 St. Dbl., Brionne Davis Matt Anderson
Trailer Park of Terror Utility, ND Stunt Michael Sarna
Pineapple Express St.Dbl. Seth Rogen Gary Hymes/Mike Smith
No Country For Old Men St. Dbl. Zac Hopkins, ND Stunt Jery Hewitt
Plane Dead Stunt Zombie, Rigging Nick Plantico, Michael Sarna
Garfield A Tail of Two Kitties St. Dbl. Billy Connolly John Moio
ELI Stunt Guard Scott Leva
Room 6 St. Dbl. Jerry O'Connell Charlie Parrish
Choker Asst. Stunt Coordinator, St Dbl. Paul Sloan Jeff Smolek
One Night At McCool's St. Dbl. Andrew"DICE"Clay Mike Runyard
What Planet Are You From? ND Stunt John Moio
Double Tap ND Stunt Michael Sarna
Detour ND Stunt Eric Chambers


Body of Proof Co-Star, Frank Danny Weselis
Hawaii 5-0 St. Dbl., Jack Dimich Jeff Cadiente
Vegas(Series) St. Dbl., Jason O\'Mara Kurt Bryant/Al Goto
Grimm Stunt Actor, Co-Star, Carl Stanton Matt Taylor
LA Noir Stunt Actor Danny Weselis
Go On Stunt Actor Bret Jones
Beautiful People Co-Star, Dombrowski Danny Weselis
Bite Me Stunt Zombie Nick Plantico
Raising Hope St. Dbl., Todd Giebenhain Al Jones
Chuck Stunt Agent Merritt Yohnka
Days of Our Lives Co-Star, Mystery Man Terry James
Castle Co-Star, Thomas Mestrick Dennis Madalone, Bryan Spicer, Dir.
No Ordinary Family St. Dbl., Jon Skraloff Danny Weselis
How I Met Your Mother Co-Star, Giant Calculator Guy Tim Davison, Pamela Fryman, Dir.
Big Love St. Dbl., Bill Paxton Ernie Orsatti
Life on Mars Co-Star Detcective Rizzo DAnny Aiello lll, Alex Zakrzewski, Dir.
Life On Mars St.Dbl. Jason O'Mara/Asst. Coordinator 4 Episodes Danny Aiello lll
CSI: Miami St. Dbl. Tom Hines Jim Vickers
Pushing Daisies St. Dbl. Keith Campbell
General Hospital Reoccuring Thug Tim Davison, Owen Renfro, Dir.
Friday Night Lights St.Dbl. Jesse Plemons Jeff Schwan
Without A Trace Stunt Actor,Co-Star Tristan McNeil Don Ruffin
Marlowe St. Dbl., Jason O'Mara Dennis Madalone
The Today Show Actor, Fire Safety Ken Clark
Sleeper Cell St. Dbl. Henri Lubatti Merritt Yohnka
Without A Trace(Multiple Episodes) Stunt Actor,Co-Star, Terry Simmons Dennis Madalone
The Practice Stunt Guard Noon Orsatti
Pacific Blue(Multiple Episodes) St. Dbl. Jim Davidson, Jeff Stearns, Terrance Noch Corey Eubanks, Michael Sarna, David Barrett
Deep Space Nine Stunt Henchmen Dennis Madalone
Sliders St. Dbl. Fredric Lehne Gary Baxley
V.I.P. Co-Star, Grant Jim Wilkey
Dark Skies Stunt MP John Moio
Babylon 5 Stunt Guard Kerry Rossall


Walgreens Hero Pharmacist James Lew
Ameri Casino St. Dbl. Vladimir Tevlovski
Audi Hero James Lew
NIKE St. Dbl. Rhys Darby Steve Rizzo
Levi Jeans Stairfall Guy, Rigger Mark Riccardi
Hormel Meats Man Hitting Tree Steve Rizzo
SYNC Treadmill Guy Jimmy Romano
Cadillac Driving Ben Bray
E-Trade Stunt Actor, Stunt Coordinator HSI Productions
E-Trade St. Dbl., Stunt Coordinator HSI Productions
Mitsubishi Red Man #3 Mitsubishi
Mercury Insurance Stunt Double Frank Torrez
Bud Light Rigging DKO Industries
PSP Rigger, 70ft Rappell DKO Industries
Royal Poker.Com Stunt Cowboy Bobby Burns
Fox Sports Net Principle Actor Fox Sports Net
Mercedes Benz Driver DKO Industries


Stand Up Comedy Comedian The Improv, HAHA, The Ice House
Baby a Musical Nick/Lead Cate Caplin
Batman Begins Stunt Show Batman Alex Daniels
Waterworld Fire Diver Keith Tellez, Ken Clark

Special skills

Physical Comedy, Basic Gymnastics, High Diving, Springboard Diving, Snow Skiiing, Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, Rollerblading, Rock Climbing, SEMI PRO FOOTBALL, Baseball, Golf, Basketball and all other sports.

Current ranked #1 in the country in the 400m Hurdles and #2 in the country in the Long Jump of USA Track and Field Association Masters division.

Stunt and Fight Coordinator, High Falls(100ft+), Fire Burns(Over 1000 Career Burns), Fights, Stunt Driving, Stair Falls, Sword Work, Mini Tramp, Trampoline, Air Rams, Ratchets, Rigging, Wire Work, Russian Swing, Rappelling(100ft+) and all other expected abilities.

Training / references

Trained Actor
Horse Training-Kathy Simons
Stand up Comedy- Joe Falzarano
Cold Reading, Scene Study-S.C.S.O.P.A
Comedy Improv workshop-Josh and Janice Jary
Commercial Intensive-Michael Lien
Commercial Technque/Commercial Intensive-Mick Dowd
Cold Reading-Golden West College
Scene Study-Essex College
Stunt Driving-Rick Seamen, Bobby Ore
Fights, Mini Tramp, High Falls-John Moio, Greg Elam
Air Rams, Ratchets-Scott Leva, John Moio
Sword Work-Anthony De Longis

Jason O'Mara (Actor, Producer)
Kristanna Loken (Actor, Producer)
Sean Patrick Flanery (Actor, Producer)
Jane Raab (Producer)
James Lew (Actor, Director, Producer, Stunt Coordinator)
John Milton Branton (Director, Producer)
Danny Weselis (Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director)
Lisa Weselis (Stunt Coordinator)
Sandy Gimpel (Actor, Director, Producer)
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