what is Stuntphone.com?

Stuntphone.com is the online database of "Qualified Stunt Professionals" for Film and Television. To see how we Qualify Stunt Professionals please see the Contact Us Page of the site.


Stuntphone.com is the only site that researches the Qualifications of every applicant. If you Qualify, you can be listed. Even though the site charges a membership fee, we are not motivated by the bottom line. Our only goal is to have the most complete database of "Quaulified Stunt Professionals." Stuntphone.com will not limit you to the number of pictures you upload or reels you want to link over from You Tube or Vimeo. While other sites limit you....Stuntphone does not.

Who Runs Stuntphone.com? And Why?

John Dixon is the owner operator designer and publisher of the Stuntphone Brand. He is an accomplished Stunt Professional with over 100 different TV shows and Films to his credit. He has been a proud SAG member since 1994 and started to offer the Stuntphone Brand of resources to the community in 2006 with the birth of Stuntphone.com. John always believed that a body of work and not just your SAG card made you a Stunt Professional, and he is sticking to those convictions by creating Stuntphone.com, iPhone and Android apps, and The Stuntphone Stunt Service. You must be a Qualified Stunt Professional to be in any of the aforementioned products.

What Does it cost to be a Stuntphone.com Member?

There is a yearly membership fee of $99.99 to be a member of Stuntphone.com.

What are the iPhone and Android apps about?

The smart phone apps mentioned above are an extension of the Stuntphone.com website. Your Stuntphone.com membership includes your listing on both apps.

Is Stuntphone an answering service?

Yes, Stuntphone Stunt Service serves the stunt community in many ways. Want to know more? Please call us at 818-769-1777

What is a "Qualified Stunt Performer"?

A "Qualified Stunt Performer" is someone with a working background in stunts that has at least 5 SAG/AFTRA stunt contracts to their name.
We will not take SAG eligible applicants.

That being said...we will consider taking on less experienced members to the site and service only if you provide us with 5 very respected references. This is what sets us apart from other stunt sites and services. Being a Stunt Performer is a privilege. Get out there and Hustle. Networking is the only true way to get your name and face out there.

What does "Stunphone Stunt Service" provide?

We provide the ability for Stunt Coordinators to contact many "Qualified Stunt Professionals" with one phone call. We also provide a Contact number for Coordinators and Stunt Professionals who do not want their personal phone information available to the public. There are many times that you cannot answer your phone when you are on set. This is where it is advantages to have someone answering those calls for you.

A Stunt Coordinator or production company may need to fill a stunt role and want to look at several performers of certain types. They provide Stuntphone with the criteria and we put together a list of performers that meet their requirements. After the list is agreed upon we contact the performers on the list and send them to the interview.

Along with the Service we provide a website, Stuntphone.com, that is easy for you to update. You can upload as many pictures and link as many reels you like, as long as they are Stunt related. We also have an iPhone app and Android app that you will be included in.

Stuntphone Stunt Service clients also enjoy priority booking. When a Coordinator or Casting call for a certain type, The Stuntphone Stunt Service members that match the request are put on that list first.

Will Stuntphone submit me for Stunt Jobs?
Yes and No.....please read on.

If a Stunt Coordinator or Production calls and asks for submissions for a certain type we will gladly send them the pertinent information of our clients that fit that type.

We will not blindly spam an email of Production or Stunt Coordinators like other services. Not only does this anger the receivers of said email, but these bulk submissions do not set you apart individually. The Stunt Business is a personal relationship business. If you want to submit to a show we suggest that you either mail in or email a headshot to the Stunt Coordinator or Production to the appropriate address. Coordinators are a lot more likely to remember a submission that includes a personal note that sets you apart from the competition. Most bulk submission go to one place. The Trash.

If you are not willing to do the work of submitting yourself, then you should probably think of another career. Submitting and hustling is the "work part" of being a Stunt Professional.

Tips on Hustling.

The best way to get work is through networking. And one of the best ways to network is to hustle. Basically, to "hustle", is to find where a stunt coordinator is working, go to the set and introduce yourself. The basic rules are to find an appropriate time to introduce yourself, be professional and don't linger any longer than necessary. Politely drop off your headshot and resume and move on. DO NOT HUSTLE IN A GROUP! I cannot stress this enough. Bombarding a Coordinator on set in a group is the worst thing you can do.

DO NOT CRASH A CLOSED SET. EVER! If the set is a closed set... move on. Crashing a closed set only puts the Coordinator in a bad situation with production and makes you look like an ASS who cannot follow directions.

If you have other questions, call us at (818) 769-1777.

Don’t see your question?

No worries, send an e-mail to info@stuntphone.com and we’ll get back to you asap!